Hello fellow Vapers,

Here at Vaper Box (www.vaperbox.ca), we have decided to start doing some Friday night vape and sports events.

This Friday, 4th of September, 2015 we will kick things off with our first Friday Night Vapes series with the Baltimore Oriels @ Toronto Blue Jays ball game.  Game starts at 8:00 pm.  These will not be every Friday night but we will try to do them fairly often.

There are a few rules to these events.

  1. This and all of these events are for 19 years and old, ID will be checked
  2. Vaper Box is welcoming you into their personal household, please be considerate.
  3. You must send an e-Mail letting us know you are coming and how many of you will, there is not a ton of room and we are looking to limit the event to at most 20 people to start.
  4. We are a pet friendly home, we have 2 cats and a dog.  None of which get any table food.  =)
  5. There is some parking in the driveway, do not worry about blocking our vehicles but there is lots of road space as well.
  6. We will have some finger foods, chips, and drinks, if you want to donate anything (we will have a ‘tips’ jar out if people want to put in for pizza or just a thank you for providing some munchies) to the event please do and we will cook it up.  There is a stove in our warehouse here.   😉

So, what is this all about?

Well, we want to have conversations with other vapers, see what people are into and possibly start bringing in different products and juices as well as get ideas of what we could do at a Friday night vape session.

There will be juice prizes through the evening and there will be super discounts during the event, say 6:00 pm till the end of the ballgame.  There will also be special online pricing during this time as well but only for the duration of the event.

Juice prizes will be won in multiple ways, a draw for every home run hit (if you follow the Jays, you know they are hitting lots).  Possibly a pool draw for longest (and shortest) sunk ball streak.  Anyone that makes purchases through the evening will also get an entry into a purchasers draw which will be made at the end of the evening.

So here is to the first in hopefully many Friday Night Vapes @VaperBox in Hammonds Plains (Halifax area), Nova Scotia.

-Team Vaper Box