Vaper Box CAVE’s

Here at Vaper Box we have changed the name of Friday Night Vapes to CAVE’s.  Our “Come And Vape Event’s” will feature an evening of sports, vaping, pool, draws for free juice, chatting, reading up on the latest vape news and just having some fun.

There will be some little freebies laying around the bar, like stickers or possibly some pens.  You can sample juices while here, buy juices at super discounts, charge your batteries, ask about hardware, get help with your new devices, etc.

So here are the details to our next CAVE:

Where: Vaper Box (20 Diana Drive, Hammonds Plains, back door)

When: Friday September 11th, 2015

What: Toronto Blue Jays take on the New York Yankees

Why: Why not?  You like watching sports, playing pool and could use some cheap juice.  =)

Hope to see you there,

-Team Vaper Box

*** If you are thinking about coming, please drop us a note on Facebook or through one of our advertising posts.